Tripartite workshop – Towards a system of skills needs anticipation in North Macedonia

Skills mismatch is one of the main challenges that countries in transition face. It is due to the technological advancements, industrial and demographic changes.

North Macedonia has reached a significant improvement in building capacities of the national institutions, to be included in the process of anticipation of future needs in terms of skills and occupations. Nevertheless, setting up mechanisms for their coordination and synchronization is a further necessity. This requires a commitment by all actors and harmonization of different concepts so as to determine the appropriate quantitative and qualitative methodologies, explore innovative approaches, identify results and adequately translate them into policies.

Hence, the International Labour Organization and the European Training Foundation, supported by the European Union initiated a Towards a system of Skills Anticipation activity, with the aim of developing a mechanism to improve the inter-institutional coordination necessary for the establishment of an effective and all-encompassing system for anticipation of skills needed in North Macedonia.

Towards a system of Skills Anticipation is an event organized by the Strengthening Social Dialogue Project, financed by the European Union and implemented by the International Labour Organization. The main objective of the Project is to strengthen the capacities of the National and Local Social and Economic Councils with a view of creating more and better jobs.