First DEMO DAY organized by Bitola Start-up Center

If you have the courage and knowledge to develop an innovative idea BITOLA START-AP is the place for you. Start something of your own and prove that it can be done from Bitola too. In such a way, the beginning of the open call for application with business ideas organized by BITOLA START-AP CENTER was announced  in September, a call that will help many ideas grow into real businesses in the Pelagonija region.

The first DEMO DAY – the official final event and the crown of the two-month intensive work, was held in the premises of the Bitola start-up Center. In a series of 5 minute presentations, in front of the audience, the judges of the commission and through livestream to all who wanted to follow the event, 12 selected applicants gave their all.

A total of 20 teams went through the program, which during several weeks of intensive work with numerous mentors and coaches were preparing for this important event.

“200 hours of mentoring, 36 hours of training, 100 hours of joint sessions and online lectures on the zoom platform brought us up to 336 hours of total time dedicated to supporting our applicants. This is the best of a total of three generations of the program “It can be done from Bitola too” which only gives hope that we are on the right path to create opportunities and inspire success“- said Lidija Angelkova project coordinator from PREDA Plus Foundation.

The best 4 start-up ideas: 3/4 Ethno by Jasmina Vasilevski; Svetlana Papacek’s Grandmother’s sewwts; B6 beer bar by Ana Kotevska and ORION smart unlock by Nikola Kovacevski received a grant of 185,000 denars each, and the evaluation was done by a team of judges consisting of: Dimche Popovski owner of DAKA Holding; Katerina Trajkovska – Financial manager of PREDA Plus Foundation and Nikola Joshevski- General director of FC “SN Finance”.

“I always admire people who are thinking about starting a business. I know my beginnings and I also know how important it is for someone to encourage you, but also to be realistic with you in those key moments. I am one of those who believe in ideas, but I am also one of those who do not give false hope if I know that the wishes are unattainable“-  says one of the judges, Dimce Popovski from DAKA Holding.

“The young generations have ideas that belong to a new time. It is up to us to help, to make it easier for them to walk the path that was beyond complicated for us. But we must also tell them that there is no easy way and that only those who give up can not succeed. I have  waited years for the realization of some ideas. But I also knew that the idea is worth waiting for the right moment“- said Nikola Joshevski from FC “SN Finance “.

We are proud to say that these are our new stars in the Macedonian start-up sky. And we are here to support and help them on the road to success. PREDA Plus Foundation recently celebrated 10 years existence, and leading of this, third generation of startups, a very strong generation, comes to us as the most beautiful gift“- concluded Katerina Trajkovska who was part of the commission and has the role of financial manager of the foundation .

The program “It can be done from Bitola too” led by Preda Plus Foundation is realized within the Bitola start-up as part of the Local Employment Partnership (LEP) Bitola, funded through Strengthening social dialogue, project implemented by the International labor organization and funded by the European Union.