Call for Concept Note Proposals: Grants for Modernizing of Existing and Developing New Services


A number of progress reports by the European Commission indicate a need to further develop social dialogue among the social partners in North Macedonia. To this end, the International Labour Organization assists the country in its endeavours to advance the social dialogue as an essential element of the European Social Model, which promotes competitiveness, sharing of gains and enhancing economic prosperity and social well-being. This assistance is channelled through the project Strengthening Social Dialogue, funded by the European Union and implemented by the International Labour Organization.

The overall objective of the Strengthening Social Dialogue Project is to improve social dialogue as a means to create more and better jobs. This will be achieved through institutional and legislative improvement along with activities aimed at strengthening the capacities of the tripartite actors to engage effectively in social dialogue. The project consists of three specific components, namely:

Specific objective 1 Enhanced participation of the ESC in shaping the national economic and social reform agenda
Specific objective 2 Enhanced participation of local ESCs in the formulation and implementation of local employment policies
Specific objective 3 Increased effectiveness of Trade Unions and Employers’ Organizations


The ILO experience with Employers Organisations in CEE shows that their business model cannot be sustained long term if the revenue stream is based only on membership fees. Offering quality services is fundamental in responding to members’ needs, and retaining them, but also in broadening the organization’s membership through the recruitment of new companies and members. In addition, by creating space to grasp members’ needs, identifying current issues and developing solutions, offering services becomes a way to support policy development and policy implementation and eventually feeds the EOs advocacy work.

Trade Unions are struggling to gain strength and momentum to create more prominent and representative organizations able to represent workers at national, sectoral and enterprise levels better, and there is a need for improvement of the scope and quality of their services toward the members as well as to make their work more visible to the public.

This, in turn, can lead to increased representativeness of the social partners and their influence over social dialogue and policy regulation processes.

 In support to the social partners, the ILO seeks Concept Note Proposals from the beneficiary social partners, for modernisation of the existing and development of new services, aimed at improving their relevance, influence, and visibility.

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