Peer review missions among the Local Economic and Social Councils

For the purpose of strengthening the Local Economic and Social Councils, the Strengthening Social Dialogue project, funded by the European Union, and implemented by the International Labour Organization, conducted a series of peer review missions among the LESCs in the country, in the period from 6th to 13th  June 2019 including the LESCs of the following municipalities: Resen, Bitola, Veles, Shtip, Kumanovo, Sveti Nikole, Struga, Kichevo, Skopje, Tetovo, Strumica and Radovish.

The aim of the peer review missions is to assess the functioning of the LESCs, identify and multiply good practices and innovative solutions and facilitate peer discussions on how to overcome common challenges, share experience and good practices. Delegations from two LESCs comprised of five members each, accompanied by an ILO representative, carried out peer review visit to another LESC, and thus each LESC hosted a review mission from two other peers. This exercise will result in a comprehensive report on the situation with recommendations on how to tackle the identified challenges.