The fifth “Career Fair” held in Bitola

Twenty-two companies offering over 200 vacancies were part of the fifth “Career Fair” organized by the Youth Cultural Center – Bitola, where all those who are looking for a job, without previous experience or need additional training, could get better acquainted and informed and thus take the first step towards their employment.

The mission of the “Career Fair” is to inform, motivate and educate unemployed persons from the municipality of Bitola to apply for and get employed in fast-growing companies, large companies, small and medium businesses, innovative businesses and start-up companies that offer vacancies. Also one of the goals is to connect the business community, as well as motivate young people to stay in their hometown, start their own business and / or get involved in educational programs and work on their own career growth and development.

„Any major crisis, such as this global health crisis caused by Covid-19 leading to the anticipated economic crisis, can also be a period of great opportunities. This is especially true for countries that will promptly catch up with the developed world through enhanced digitalization and even faster development of the start-up scene. And last year transferred us to the online world very strikingly. Here today I see a chance for forming a real connection between the business sector and the youth of Bitola and I know that it will result in successes that we follow as indicators“, said Natasha Meckaroska Simjanoska, project coordinator of the Strengthening Social Dialogue project.

“Such partnerships provide more chances for those who are looking for work and those who need to hire employees. We need to act on retraining and obtain information on which profiles are needed to match service demands by companies. I hope that this project, which has three parts, the first being the business start-up center, the career fair and the third strengthening of IT skills among the population, all three provide opportunities for young people, single parents, and also those who have experienced the consequences of the pandemic in their work engagement to get one more chance“, said the Mayor of Bitola, Natasha Petrovska.

Four motivational speakers were also invited to the event and shared their personal success stories: Vesna Ivanoska – General Manager of Seavus Education and Development Center, Pece Cvetkovski-Persata, who turned Villa Dihovo into a world-famous tourist product, Martin Angelov founder of Ulaf Ste – the first sign language café and Elena Petrovska who works in Cylindo Bitola, a start-up company that has offices in Copenhagen, Boston and Skopje.

This year, MKC organized this event under the project Bitola Start-up Center, as part of the Local Employment Partnership (LEP), part of the project “Strengthening Social Dialogue”, implemented by the International Labor Organization, with financial support from the European Union .