ILO sets up Task Team in North Macedonia to inform Government response to COVID-19 crisis

The ILO established a Task Team of employment and labour law specialists to come up with answers and solutions to world of work problems triggered by the coronavirus pandemic in North Macedonia. The multidisciplinary team is led by ILO and includes national experts and representatives of the government, employers’ and workers’ organizations in the Economic and Social Council.

As the crisis set in and the first signs of the economic and social impact of the pandemic started to show, it became a tremendous challenge to cut through the volume of information, different opinions and proposals on how the crisis can be best tackled. That is why the ILO summoned the Task Team: to cut through the noise, and by bringing solid expertise together, assist the Government to select the most appropriate solutions.   The objectives of the Task Team is to develop knowledge, guidelines and policies that help to answer the following questions:

  1. What are the likely impacts of the Covid-19 crisis over the short- and medium-term on employment and on the labour market?
  2. What are plausible policy responses that the Government and its social partners should consider in order to mitigate the impact of the crisis?

The Task Team makes proposals to the Economic and Social Council, which discusses the best options with the Government.  An adequate framing of these policy discussions requires gauging the possible impacts and an analysis of alternative policy responses. The Task Team contribution is needed given the sense of urgency in which the Government and the Social partners operate and the varying degree of information that is available to the parties.

Additionally, the ILO will also roll out an enterprise survey aiming to support employers’ organizations and the Economic and Social Council to assess the needs of enterprises resulting from the COVID-19 crisis. The survey will scan the consequences of the pandemic for enterprises and their business performance, and help to find answers for the following questions:

•    What type of enterprises are impacted by COVID-19 (small, medium, large)?
•    What sectors are impacted by COVID-19?
•    What are the most pressing challenges faced by enterprises (e.g. cash flow, staffing, supply chain disruptions, lower demand)?
•    What is the financial impact on enterprises?
•    Can enterprises access financial services to support business recovery?

This activity has been co-funded by the European Union through the project “Strengthening Social Dialogue in North Macedonia”.