Workers’ Rights Campaign

The Economic and Social Council, with the support of the International Labour Ogranization, is launching a campaign to raise awareness among workers about their rights and responsibilities arising from employment. The main information tool of the campaign is the web platform which enables the citizens to quickly and easily find out everything regarding their labour rights.
Awareness of workers’ rights is the first step towards successful realization and exercise thereof. In times when the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world and the world of work in previously inconceivable ways, workers’ rights are becoming increasingly important. The campaign aims to inform young people, who are still in the process of secondary or higher education and would soon enter the labour market, employees with different professions, job-seekers, as well as employers on the rights and obligations arising from employment.
The website offers a simple overview of the categories of labour rights and obligations identified in the labour legislation.
The campaign, which starts today, will be carried through the next six months and includes a number of activities on different media, such as social networks, internet portals, radio and print media, and will offer easily accessible and detailed information related to labour rights.
The second phase of the campaign will focus on young people or high-school and university students, who are about to enter the labour market. In order to get better acquainted with labour rights, a mobile application has been developed for young people through which they will learn about different aspects of labour rights. In addition, webinars are planned to start at the end of January and a quiz contest will be launched.
The campaign is being realized by the Economic and Social Council with the support of the Strengthening Social Dialogue Project. The project is funded by the European Union and implemented by the International Labour Organization.