Campaign Launch – My labour, my rights

The International Labour Organization project, Strengthening Social Dialogue, launched an awareness-raising campaign on workers’ rights, under the motto “My labour, my rights”. The six-month campaign will entail promotional activities through different channels and will offer easily accessible details on labour rights, which even more gain on importance in times when the COVID-19 pandemic changed the world of work in unprecedented ways.

The Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Jagoda Shahpaska, expressed her belief that “only those who are well informed and well aware of their rights can fight for and seek protection of those rights.  Therefore, I personally believe that this awareness-raising campaign we are launching and promoting with this press conference, “My labour, my rights!” will be of great importance for even better information and introduction to workers’ rights and obligations.”

The EUD Head of Cooperation, Nicola Bertolini, stressed that “My labour, my rights!” is a step forward for the country on its road to the European Union. This campaign is a great example of promoting social dialogue, where the relevant actors, public institutions, private sector and trade unions, through the Economic and Social Council, work together to address common issues and interests.”

The Director of the State Labour Inspectorate, Jovana Trenchevska, said that “the State Labour Inspectorate is one of the main actors in the process of curbing undeclared work. The labour inspection has a dual role – on one hand it controls the implementation of the legislation and on the other hand prevents and educates. Labour rights must be a priority and an obligation of every employer.”

In terms of the employers’ view on this matter, the President of the Organization of Employers of Macedonia, Angel Dimitrov, pointed out that “this awareness-raising media campaign is very important for both the workers and the employers, so that workers can be informed about their rights and how to exercise them, and for the employers to realize that they must respect those rights if they want to keep good workers.”

The President of the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia, Darko Dimovski, emphasized that ” Trade Unions are the ones who have full legitimacy to represent workers, have the knowledge and ability to fight for workers’ rights and their dignity. As a representative trade union, SSM always strives workers to be fully informed, to be acquainted with their labour rights and able to recognize violations and abuses.”

The Strengthening Social Dialogue Project Coordinator, Natasha Mechkaroska Simjanoska, said that the campaign aims to inform young people who are still in the process of education and would soon enter the labour market, workers, job seekers and employers, on the rights and obligations arising from employment and that respecting workers’ rights is the foundation of decent work, which is the main goal of the 102-year-long existence of the International Labour Organization.

The main informative tool of the campaign is the web platform which enables citizens to quickly and easily find out anything they are interested in concerning labour rights, and offers a simple categorized review of labour rights and obligations determined under the labour legislation.

The campaign is realized by the Economic and Social Council in cooperation with the Strengthening Social Dialogue, project implemented by the International Labour Organization and funded by the European Union.

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