A number of progress reports by the European Commission indicate a need to further develop social dialogue among main stakeholders in the economy. In this direction, the International Labour Organization assists the country in its endeavors to advance the social dialogue as an essential element of the European Social Model, which promotes competitiveness, sharing of gains and enhancing economic prosperity and social well-being. This assistance is channeled through the project Strengthening Social Dialogue, funded by the European Union and implemented by the International Labour Organization.

The overall objective of the Strengthening Social Dialogue Project is to improve the social dialogue as a means to create more and better jobs. This will be achieved through institutional and legislative improvement along with activities aimed at strengthening the capacities of the tripartite actors to engage effectively in social dialogue. The project consists of three specific components, namely:


Specific objective 1 Enhanced participation of the ESC in shaping the national economic and social reform agenda
Specific objective 2 Enhanced participation of local ESCs in formulation and implementation  of local employment policies
Specific objective 3 Increased effectiveness of Trade Unions and Employers’ Organizations


The Business Confederation of Macedonia (BCM) was established in 2001 as an association of employers which articulated, represented and supported the interests of its members and the interests of the business community in the country. Today, BCM’s membership consists of 13 business associations, with two regional offices in Prilep and Tetovo and head office in Skopje. Apart from representing and advocating for the interests of its members, the BCM is a catalyst of the expression of the business community and a driver of the social dialog and the industrial relations in the country.

Promoting the concept of running businesses responsibly, we encourage the sustainability of the economy and long-term growth of the companies. The knowledge and the views of the BCM are based upon the constant communication with the members – due diligence, in-depth analyses and measurement of the conditions in various social spheres at local, regional and national level.

BCM medium and long-term priorities are focused on: continuous improvement of the business climate, support to entrepreneurship, support to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) which make the basis of the economic growth and unemployment reduction, as well as advancement of the human capital in the economy through training and education.

The ILO and BCM have been partner organizations and have been working successfully on a variety of projects. Most recently, the ILO supported BCM to develop, among other things, a solid strategic plan that is positioning the organisation for the future. A part of this plan is focusing on improving existing service delivery and introducing new services – of relevance to BCM members.


Objective of the assignment

This research work will seek to get a critical and honest assessment on membership service(s) needs in order to identify the range of services members would genuinely need and be willing to pay for. In addition, there is need to identify how to ensure the sustainability of the new service(s).


General methodology

The consultant is expected to develop the detailed research methodology in full consultation with BCM and the ILO. A mandatory phase of the assessment consists in conducting 1) 25 face-to-face interviews and 2) on-line survey among at least 100 BCM members.

Upon identification of key services in demand, the assessment will provide a competitor analysis (similar service offer, pricing strategy, marketing, and sales/distribution strategy) in order to allow BCM to identify a meaningful comparative advantage and propose a sustainability plan for new service(s).



The consultant shall deliver an integrated report capturing key findings and recommendations with regard to services that should be priority for BCM considering the demand and competition. The report will also provide a competitor analysis for 3 relevant services to be prioritised by BCM and a sustainability plan for each of them.

The consultant shall work in close consultation with BCM and under the administrative and technical supervision of the ILO Senior Specialist for Employers’ Activities, DWT/CO Budapest.

The consultant shall provide clarification where needed and incorporate the possible comments provided by the ILO, and submit a final version of the report to the satisfaction of the ILO within the set deadline.

The consultant shall present the findings and recommendations to BCM management and Board of Directors (BOD) during a round table meeting.


Duration of the assignment

The assignment will be carried out over the period April-May/June 2019.