Individual labour disputes

Individual labour dispute is a dispute on termination of employment contract and negotiation and non-payment of minimum salary (alternative non-payment of salary and salary benefits, pursuant to law, collective agreement or employment contract).

Arbitrator is a person deciding on the subject matter of individual dispute.

If a court procedure between the parties to the dispute based on the same facts and based on the same legal ground is in progress, the parties to the dispute shall jointly file to the court for stay of the proceedings.

The arbiter shall pass the ruling on the subject of the dispute within 30 days after the initial hearing. The ruling will contain:

  1. first name, family name and address, or name and seat of parties to the dispute;
  2. decision;
  3. rationale;
  4. date of issuing the decision; and
  5. first name, family name and signature of the arbiter.
  6. This decision cannot be appealed against.

The decision becomes valid and is enforced on the day when it is delivered to the parties in dispute.