INVITATION TO TENDER: Development and Implementation of Campaign – Workers’ Rights


The Economic and Social Council is the only tripartite social dialogue institution at national level, with a consultative role to the Government in the development and implementation of economic and social policies. The ESC has an advisory role, and issues opinions and recommendations to the Government on matters pertaining to economic development; labour market policies; wage and price policies in the field of labour and social insurance; social protection; healthcare; environment; fiscal policy; working conditions and occupational safety and health; education; culture; professional development, vocational training and other fields of economic and social interest of the employers and workers.

The overall objective of the Strengthening Social Dialogue Project is to improve the social dialogue as a means to create more and better jobs. This will be achieved through institutional and legislative improvement along with activities aimed at strengthening the capacities of the tripartite actors to engage effectively in social dialogue. The project consists of three specific components, namely:

Specific objective 1 Enhanced participation of the ESC in shaping the national economic and social reform agenda
Specific objective 2 Enhanced participation of local ESCs in formulation and implementation  of local employment policies
Specific objective 3 Increased effectiveness of Trade Unions and Employers’ Organizations


Component 1 aims at improving the functioning and visibility of the ESC through devising methods for increasing its influence and overcoming challenges in funding, opinion making and tracking the follow up to its recommendations/opinions/advice.

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